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Exodus Bitcoin SV Wallet Problem – How to Regain Control of Your BSV

Since around August 2023 the BSV wallet in Exodus is not updating [...]

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From Our Junk Folder – What a Scam Looks Like

​We are receiving scam emails few times a week these days - [...]

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Should You Use a Wallet’s Built-in Exchange?

Most mobile and desktop wallets, like Edge, Lobstr, Exodus & Cake, offer [...]

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“I Have Nothing to Hide”

Did you know that almost every website is tracking your activities with [...]

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What is Monero?

What is Monero?Monero is electronic cash and it is the leading cryptocurrency [...]

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Crypto Rule Number Two: Never Leave Your Crypto on an Exchange

Rule number two of crypto - never leave your crypto on an [...]

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What is a Seed Phrase?

Seed Phrase is the most important piece of information of your cryptocurrency [...]

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Crypto Rule Number One: Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

This is the number one rule of owning crypto. If you don't [...]

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