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Everything You Need to Know to Start with Crypto on the Right Foot

Learn how to safely buy, sell and manage Self-Custody Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies even if you only have basic computer skills

Learning about crypto can be really overwhelming.

Too many crypto YouTubers.

Partial, confusing and missing information.

All this technical info...

Who knows where to start?

You want to learn how to buy Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) and how to keep it safe.

One would think YouTube is a great place to start your research. You search YouTube and find many crypto "influencers" with clickbait video titles, extravagant banners, weird face expressions and full of promises.

Youtube Influencer
YouTube Influencer

You keep searching...

Finally, you've found this YouTube channel that seems okay. You start to watch few videos. You are trying to follow up but the information is all over the place. It's hard to make sense out of it, and the youtuber is talking too fast.

You also tried to ask your friend, who's into crypto, where you should start. The friend throws at you all those buzzwords and tells you to buy NFTs and to look into DeFi.

Back to research the internet then. Again, there's no website with all the information in one place, organized and easy to follow.

Well, we think you may have just found this place...

Crypto Step-by-Step

Everything You Need to Get Started Safely

The step-by-step course that will teach you how to buy, manage and use cryptocurrencies in a safe way by applying fundamental steps to set up your own crypto bank.

We take the overwhelming factor out of the equation and show you exactly what you need to do.

And, we keep updating it and adding important information so that you'll be able to adapt to the ever changing crypto world.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Step-by-Step Lessons

Detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots and easy to follow annotations. Effortless even to the non-techie.

Safety & Security

We designed the lessons in this course with your safety and security in mind. The result is a well balanced approach to crypto management.

One Place

All the information in one place - From setting up the security of your devices, through where and how to buy crypto, how to store it safely, and how to cash out.

All Future Updates

The Crypto space is ever evolving and that is why you get access to all future updates, new lessons and modules as long as you're subscribed.

What’s in the Crypto Basics Course


Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to the course and the important things that you should be aware of while navigating your way in the crypto space. We introduce wallets and the different types of crypto wallets. And most importantly,  we go through the basic rules of crypto that everyone should know. (3 lessons)


Module 2: Wallet & Notebook

In this module we'll show you which wallet we recommend and why. We'll also explain the importance of combining low-tech solutions with the hi-tech of crypto, and show you which one to use. (2 lessons)


Module 3: Prepare and Set Up Your Computer Environment

The security of your computer is extremely important to managing your cryptos safely. We'll show you how to improve your security by applying different settings, installing and using security software, protecting your internet traffic and managing your online accounts.

In this course we are using Windows 10 as it's still the most popular operating system. If you are using MacOS or Linux, you will be able to follow along and adapt the instructions to your system. (10 lessons)


Module 4: Set up Your Wallet (Your Own Bank)

Your crypto wallet is actually a self-managed bank, and that is why it is so important to set it up in the right way. We'll show you how to correctly install and configure it, test it to make sure your funds will be safe, and we will also show you how to use it. (4 lessons)


Module 5: How to Buy, Transfer and Sell Cryptocurrencies

In this module we explain what Exchanges are, which one to use and how to create and secure your account. We then show you exactly how to deposit fiat currency (Dollar, Euro, etc) and how to buy crypto with it. You'll also learn what you should do with your crypto and how to cash out back to fiat currency. (8 lessons)


Module 6: Bonus Lessons

We've included 4 (so far) bonus lessons to complement the information in the course.

Our Courses

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Crypto Step-by-Step

Start your crypto journey in a safe way. We'll guide you step-by-step and show you exactly how to buy, manage and use cryptocurrencies securely by applying fundamental steps to set up your own crypto bank.

This guide is highly beneficial for all levels of crypto users, not only for new users.

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How to Protect Your Seed Backup

We will teach you a simple method to protect your wallet seed phrase and safely write it in a paper notebook. Even if someone get your seed, they won’t be able to access your funds. We included templates to make it even easier.


Security - Account Protection
How to Protect Your Wallet's Accounts

You'll learn an advanced method to take the safety and security of your funds to the next level.

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