Exodus BitcoinSV Desktop Wallet

Since around August 2023 the BSV wallet in Exodus is not updating - so the balance shown may be incorrect, and you'll not be able to send your BSV somewhere else.

This issue is related to the BSV node used by Exodus, and not to an issue within Exodus itslef.

It's important to emphasis that your BSV are safe, even if you send BSV to the Exodus BSV address but don't see the balance updated. You BSV are on the blockchain, and not stored in Exodus.

Here are the step to access you BSV, see the current balance, and be able to send them if you wish.

  1. In Exodus, open your BSV wallet
  2. Write down the BSV private key (keep it safe - anyone will be able to access your BSV with this private key)
  3. Download and install Electrum SV from the official website (please verify that you've reached the correct website)
    (note that it's working well on Mac and Windows. For linux users it may be quite involved to make it work)
  4. Open Electrum SV and create a new wallet
  5. Add a new account in this wallet
  6. Select to import private key, and then enter your private key
  7. You should now be able to see your correct BSV balance, as well as sending your BSV if you wish

We hope this will help you to regain control of your BSV.

If you need more detailed guidance, click the button below. We have created a step-by-step guide with all the required details and screenshots. It's free - You only need to sign-up as a user to access it.

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