Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Did you know that almost every website is tracking your activities with the help of Google and Facebook?

Do you know that all the information about your internet browsing habits, from all websites, is aggregated by those technology giants, analyzed and profiled?

Did you know that when you use any of their apps (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsup, etc.) on your mobile, each and every scroll, selection and view is collected and analyzed together with your browsing information?

Why?! Because that way they know a lot (everything) about you, your interests, your friends, your believes, your wants, and they can push 'relevant' content your way, or hide 'irrelevant' content from you.

Think about it for a moment - They control what you see and what you won't see. They control search results and they ban people from their platforms. They decide what is 'true' and what is 'misinformation'.

You may have nothing to hide, but if the information about you is used to control what you consume ('news', ads, products, ...) you may want to think again why Privacy is important.


*We do our best to respect your privacy, hence why we do not use Google or Facebook tracking code. We only use an open source software called Matomo to collect some statistics about our website usage. The collected data is owned by us, no one else have access to it and we will never share it.
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