Bitcoin Wallet Key

This is the number one rule of owning crypto. If you don't own the keys of your crypto, you don't actually own the crypto. Whoever holds the keys, own the crypto.

Self-custody is crucial for the safety of your crypto!


  1. Keep your keys and seed phrase safe (What is a seed phrase?)
  2. Never store your seed digitally on a computer (actually, don't even copy & paste the seed)
  3. Have multiple copies in multiple physical locations
  4. Protect your seed with a PIN (we have a course on how to do just that)
  5. You can use a metal crypto seed backup for a fireproof storage (here's a comprehensive list of products and reviews: Metal Bitcoin storage reviews


  1. Never show or give your private keys or seed phrase to anyone, unless you want them to have access to your funds.
  2. Never leave your crypto on Exchanges. They own the keys, and they are targeted by hackers - Buy your crypto and immediately send it to your wallet (the only exception is if you are actively trading)
  3. Don't buy crypto on services that don't let you send your crypto to your wallet; Services such as PayPal and Robinhood

This rule is fundamental to managing your own (crypto) bank.

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