Seed phrase example

Seed Phrase is the most important piece of information of your cryptocurrency holdings. It is the 'master-key' to your cryptos.

  • Seed Phrase is a list of unique words, usually 12 to 24 words in a particular order, which are generated when you create a wallet (either software wallet or a hardware wallet).
  • The Seed Phrase is used by the wallet software to generate the keys for the cryptocurrency.
  • If you are using a multi-currency wallet, a single seed phrase is used to generate your keys for each of the supported cryptocurrencies.
  • The Seed Phrase is the backup of your wallet.
  • With the seed phrase you can restore your wallet in case you are unable to access your wallet any longer, if you forgot the password or PIN, or lost your hardware wallet.
  • Most wallets use the BIP39 standard to generate your private keys from the Sees Phrase.
  • The seed phrase is also known as backup seed phrase, seed recovery phrase and mnemonic phrase.

Keep your seed phrase safe and secured and never create a digital copy of the seed.

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